Immortality Forever: Evgeny Antufiev – Leo Tolstoy Rooms
Museum Strauhof, Wild Card 6: The War and Peace Project
22/12/17 – 7/1/18

For Chapter VIII of The War and Peace Project, the Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev transforms the Strauhof into a surreal museum that follows the legacy, which Leo Tolstoy unwillingly left behind.

Opening: 22 December 2017, 5 pm, Strauhof ZürichFacebook

Antufiev’s exhibition Immortality Forever: Leo Tolstoy Rooms runs until 7 January 2018. Check Strauhof’s Facebook page for detailed opening hours.

Read this Interview with Evgeny on how he works.

We will continue our reading marathon of War and Peace from 27 to 30 December. Come to the museum between 2 and 7 pm, have a cup of tea, listen, and read.


By exploring the smallest inconspicuous details – from book covers to postcards, from the wallpaper of the room in which the author died to the annual party of Tolstoy’s descendants – Antufiev collects dissonant visual fragments which he recomposes to challenge the historicised imagery surrounding the author’s life.

This exercise lends itself not only to create a poetics of myth, but it also repositions the viewer into the larger cryptic narrative, which surrounds Tolstoy’s cult. The resulting museum is hence not factually accurate, but instead it is deeply invested in the ever-changing cultural particularity and symbolic significance of Tolstoy across the generations. This is a transformation that cannot be felt or understood through the individual pictures or the items pictured in them, but in the associations Antufiev established between one and another. Together, they speak about a production of heritage in constant change, one that is anchored in a mistakenly perceived stability of the individual components of Tolstoy’s life and work.

On the initiative of Laura Koerfer, Gabrielle Schaad, Finn Canonica and David Iselin The War and Peace Project combs through Lew Tolstoy’s epos War and Peace in an literary, artistic, and performative way. Evgeny Antufiev’s work Immortality Forever: Leo Tolstoy Rooms is Chapter VIII of our journey. We would like to thank the team of the Museum Strauhof for offering us their Wild Card 6, and Angelina Volk and Leopold Thun of Emalin Gallery for their support.


About The War and Peace Project



The War and Peace Project is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Zurich

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