51 hours of non-stop War and Peace reading at Hyperlokal. 100 readers. 1200 pages. Still not finished. Thank you very much!



In Chapter I of our The War and Peace Project, we plastered the entire book on the wall of the Hyperlokal.

In Chapter II, we discussed the disrupting forces of an economic meltdown with a group of art students in Athens

In Chapter III, we first discussed laws of war (plural) with Prof. Oliver Diggelmann of Zurich University and secondly watched Garrett Nelson’s very Russian ballet performance with two dancers.

Chapter IV is an opportunity to get to know Tolstoy’s book War and Peace in its entire length by participating in a collective reading marathon.

We start Friday evening and continue until the end of the book. We invite everybody to join us. All you have to do is to sit around a lamp by artist Gina Folly and read from War and Peace to the other attendees as long as you want – the minimum is 10 minutes and it is really okay if you don’t want to read more. Ideally, we would have 4-6 persons reading per 2 hours slot. Reading language is German. As a reward, you get some food, drinks, and a place to listen and relax. We will read continuously throughout the weekend.

Gabrielle, Laura, Finn and David


About The War and Peace Project


The War and Peace Project is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Zurich

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